Digitale Paywalls – Was gibt es zu beachten?

Ken Doctor nimmt für das Nieman Journalism Lab die Ökonomie der Digital Abos auseinander und überlegt, vor dem Hintergrund des Erfolgs von Andrew Sullivans “Daily Dish” wohl einige gerade berechnen:

What are key numbers to watch? It’s fairly simple in the pay game. If you don’t have print which is where the newspaper industry is excelling most, by adding all-access onto print subs, then we look at two numbers. How many unduplicated unique visitors does an individual or company have — and what percentage of them convert?  Unduplicated meaning taking out the multidevice usage of a single reader uniques are usually about a third of publicly reported uniques. Experience tells us that one percent is a kind of minimum success rate for conversion; the upper limit at this point may be four or five percent. Then, there’s price, of course, and net after paying Press+, TinyPass, or others. Figure out those numbers — and add in advertising revenue, or not — and you can see how many people can be supported. Lots of people are doing that math this month.

The newsonomics of the digital-only paywall parade

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